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“Toby Hay’s lush, instrumental second album is another impressive flag waved by this talented guitarist.”

— The Guardian 

“These instrumentals are propelled by a restless breeziness that carries them beyond the familiar landscapes of folk….  A shimmering beauty.”

— Uncut

“Hay’s album is a stunning turning point in what we have come to call folk music. A beautiful, frank and mysterious statement..”

— Folk Radio UK

“He has already developed a name for creating ethereal sounds that are rooted in a sense of place.  It puts him within the wider explosion within the arts that is informed by a study of the natural world…. It’s dreamy, elusive, and appears to have all the time in the world.”

— Songlines 

"The genre-defying result is a startlingly assured, often deeply beautiful album that renders by now over-familiar points of reference totally fresh and which, if given the attention it so richly deserves, will become a hypnotic, habit-forming listen.....This is music that proves powerfully potent at evoking crystal-clear images of the places and moments that may have inspired it.”

— Line of Best Fit

“Something of a young troubadour, Hay makes compositions that feel both incredibly detailed and beautifully light. A rising star and so much more.”

— Green Man Festival

“Time-worn and wistful for days long past, Hay’s music overflows with heart and soul, and though wholly born from personal experience, exudes a humanity that makes it universally relatable. How heartening it is to be reminded that there’s still room in this world for music of such genuine character.”

— Textura

“Its locational compositions contain some of the most emotive and expressive new music you’ll hear this year.” 

— fRoots

“In an age of often soulless banality and corporate uniformity the fact that one man and an acoustic guitar can create music as authentic and uplifting as this is testimony to Toby Hay’s talent and promise for the future.”

— New Sound Wales