'The Longest Day'

21 - 06 - 2018




Something of a young troubadour, Hay makes compositions that feel both incredibly detailed and beautifully light. A rising star and so much more.
— Green Man Festival
“Hay’s album is a stunning turning point in what we have come to call folk music. A beautiful, frank and mysterious statement..”
— Folk Radio UK
“Time-worn and wistful for days long past, Hay’s music overflows with heart and soul, and though wholly born from personal experience, exudes a humanity that makes it universally relatable. How heartening it is to be reminded that there’s still room in this world for music of such genuine character.”
— Textura
“The Gathering is a brilliantly conceived and realised debut record and its locational compositions contain some of the most emotive and expressive new music you’ll hear this year.”
— fRoots

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